Hotel Features



Hotel Features

Royal Afghan Hotel will provide you an absolute hospitality experience with immaculate services and the latest in modern conveniences and amenities. We will make your stay convenient by offering the following services

Free Services

Fitness Center

Our fitness enthusiasts’ guests can experience the innovative ways to restore balance in their lives at Royal Afghan Hotel’s modern Fitness Center.

Snooker Club

Our Snooker Club is the perfect destination to relax and have fun with friends.

Table Tennis club

If you want to make yourself sweat walk to our Table Tennis Club.

Swimming Pool

Experience the pleasant outdoor swimming pool at Royal Afghan Hotel ideal for easing. A perfect place to relax and get away from the hectic routine.

Wi-Fi Internet Access

Royal Afghan Hotel’s prestigious guests can access free Wi-Fi internet at all times.


Our welcoming ambiance will lift your mood and you can relax and enjoy various brands of tea in the lobby.


Royal Afghan Hotel offers its guests vast parking area monitored by CCTV and security guards.

Paid Services


Royal Afghan Hotel guests can avail pick and drop service from the airport and a city tour.

Rental Car

You need a car to take a city tour by yourself? Don’t worry we have covered you. You can rent a car at Royal Afghan Hotel.

Tickets & Tours

If you are new to Kandahar city and you would like to take a city tour and visit historic places of the city we can provide you a guide with a car or if you want to book tickts to other destinations we got it for you.